São Carlos Campus

Campus São Carlos

São Carlos campus initiated its activities in 1970 and extends to 6,450,000 m². It features a resourceful infrastructure comprising classrooms, labs, amphitheaters, auditoriums and a communitarian library to promote teaching, research, and education and public outreach activities. The campus also hosts a university restaurant, sports complex, university theater, hospital, the Health-School Unit, an ambulatory, the Agency of Innovation and countless other facilities and services. Among the degree programs offered on the campus, those in technological areas, aiming at innovation have great importance.

The academic and scientific activities developed on São Carlos campus are arranged in the following units:

The city of São Carlos is located 230 km from the city of São Paulo and has approximately 246 thousand inhabitants. It is usually referred to as “The National Technology Capital” because it hosts industrial parks and business incubators that shelter technology-based enterprises, in addition to two public universities – UFSCar itself and two campuses of the University of São Paulo (USP), which are among the main universities in Brazil – and two unities of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). The presence of said institutions makes the city known not only for the highest number of PhDs per resident, but also the number of patent applications. One of the top 30 cities among the 5,500 cities across Brazil, São Carlos stands in 28th position in the country’s Human Development Index.