The mission of the International Relations Office (SRInter) of UFSCar is to promote the internationalization of the university especially by expanding academic mobility opportunities and reassuring the presence of the institution in the world-class scenario of Higher Education and research. Its organizational structure features the Division of International Cooperation Agreements and the Division of International Academic Mobility. Amongst the Secretary’s duties, the following deserve to be highlighted:

  • Promoting, prospecting, operationalizing and divulging exchange programs for students, faculty members and researchers;
  • Providing documents, information and guidance to UFSCar students and faculty members pursuing international mobility or in on-going academic activities abroad, as well as to the international community interested in participating in mobility programs at UFSCar;
  • Welcoming students, faculty members and researchers in international mobility at UFSCar, as well as representatives and delegates of foreign institutions of Higher Education and/or research visiting UFSCar;
  • Supporting the formalization of scientific and academic international collaborations through the execution of cooperation agreements.