Araras Campus

Campus Araras

Founded in 1991, it extends to an area of 2,300,000 m² and features academic places for teaching, research, and education and public outreach activities. Most of the activities developed there are related to Agricultural Sciences and Technology Development, focusing on genetic improvement of sugarcane varieties, which are present in 68% of Brazil’s cultivated land. The infrastructure on the campus comprises teaching and research labs, classrooms, a library, ambulatory, amphitheater, sports complex, aquatic sports center and a university restaurant.

The academic and scientific activities carried out on Araras campus are centralized in the Center for Agricultural Sciences.

Araras is located 170 km from São Paulo City, the state capital, and has approximately 131 thousand inhabitants. Relying on an excellent road infrastructure, the city offers nice options for cultural activities, entertainment and gastronomy, apart from a broad network of hotels and restaurants that ensures convenience in a typical countryside town. Its economy is based on agriculture, industry and agribusiness segments.