ESCALA Program for Undergraduate Students by Montevideo Group Association of Universities (AUGM) aims to promote and strengthen the process of building a new mutual regional academic site through student mobility. Academic and cultural exchange is promoted by virtue of the interaction between students and faculty members from different universities and countries, which provides a broader knowledge about the different Higher Education systems across Latin America.

Application procedure


  • Student nomination letter signed by the institutional coordinator of ESCALA Program at the home university;
  • E1E2 application form, which must be filled and signed by the student, academic coordinator and institutional coordinator. It shall be stamped with the home university’s seal;
  • A copy of the passport, National Identity Document (DNI) or National Card of Identification (CNI);
  • A copy of the academic records (certifying grades and courses) issued by the home institution;
  • Parents’ full names.

The application form and documents must be sent to the International Relations Office (SRInter) of UFSCar by email to:

Review by the degree program coordination

All the applications for undergraduate degree programs are sent to the corresponding degree program coordinator at UFSCar for review of the study plan.

A letter of acceptance will be issued after the study plan is reviewed. Once the admitted student receives such letter, he or she may request the appropriate visa in his or her home country. UFSCar requires student visa – Temporary IV.

Amendments to the study plan

After arriving at UFSCar, mobility students can request amendments to their respective study plan by filling EE3 Form. The form shall be filled with assistance from the coordinator of the degree program that the student will attended at UFSCar and sent for the signing of the coordinator of the corresponding degree program at his or her home university. After the form is signed, it must be returned to SRInter.

Documents to be presented when arriving at UFSCar

  • Passport;
  • Original birth certificate or marriage certificate (a document containing parenting information, i.e., father’s and mother’s full name);
  • A copy of the international health insurance featuring coverage for medical and mortal remains repatriation. Such insurance must be issued before leaving the home country and cover the whole mobility period at UFSCar;
  • Three recent ID-sized photos, colored, in white background, not smiling, not wearing glasses, having most of the face appearing in the photo;
  • Student visa – Temporary IV;
  • Brazilian Natural Persons Register/Taxpayer ID Number (CPF) – access the link to Useful Information for information on how to obtain CPF;
  • Vaccination card accounting for yellow fever vaccine (São Paulo State is considered an endangered area);
  • Physical and mental health certificate;
  • National Migratory Register Card (CRNM) – access the link to Useful Information for information on how to obtain CRNM.